Genuine Auto Parts

Genuine Parts Company was founded more than 85 years ago on May 7, 1928. Company produces a big variety of automotive high-grade replacement parts which total number is about 18 million. All of these products are manufactured from sturdiest materials using modern technologies. That is why company stays on the top positions for such a long time. Genuine parts deliver long-lasting performance with OEM quality and reasonable pricing at the same time.

Genuine auto parts

The product line of Genuine company includes a very big number of parts for different vehicle's systems from a single bolt to whole fuel delivery system or ignition system. There are fuel pressure regulators, hoses, distributors, fuel injector sensors, distributor caps, ignition switches and many-many others present in company's product line. If your vehicle has performance loses or some of its parts fail. Genuine parts will get your beloved vehicle back to the road really fast!. Company's parts are just like parts your vehicle was built with that's why you will not have any problems with their fitment and performance.

Genuine produces not only replacement parts, the other line of brand's products is automotive chemicals. Among them there is a big variety of antifreeze, transmission lubricants, paints and other chemicals. That is why that you will find any replacement part you need in the Genuine assortment.

Where to Buy Genuine Auto Parts

Genuine Parts with their high quality standards and really affordable prices are well-known all over the world. That is why there is a chance to purchase fake parts. It is recommended that you purchase Genuine replacement parts from authorized dealers or online retailers such as CARiD to avoid this risk. This way of purchasing will last for just a few clicks but will give you such important advantage as official warranty. So, you can be sure that Genuine part is original and will perfectly fit your vehicle.