Door Sills

Door Sills

One of the easiest ways to add impressive styles to your smart car is by putting up car doorsills. Doorsills are the right choices for adding some classical touch to your vehicle and giving a perfect look for your ride. Generally, car door sills are made of mirror finish stainless steel that is laser cut for giving bold, durable and great looks. These are also commonly known as kick-plates or door sill plates.

A door sill is a horizontal plate below the door to protect and support the door frame. They have got a very important role of protecting the door paint from getting damaged or scratched. Actually, the car doors are ought to be protected, as they have to face so much of wear and tear by the shoes of driver and passengers. And here door sills shield the car doors from scuff marks and scratches.

Mostly door sills are made from brilliant shiny stainless steel and are embossed with the company logo to suit your car. No need to worry about drilling holes; they get installed in minutes with the help of pre-applied automotive adhesive, which is as simple as peel and stick. Door sills will not only enhance the look of your car to get you more people's attention, but also provide detailed distinctive feature to it. They guard the door steps from getting chipped, but if your car has already got some scratches, door sills can cover it in style.

Generally, door sills are sold in a two pieces set, unless website has specified the other options. They are also made of polished billet aluminum, ABS plastic or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber door sills are unique with high-tech look, having peel and stick tape on the back. It is advisable to test the fit of the sills with the size of the door frame before peeling and covering off the tape. Positioning of the sill is very much important for marking it at the correct place, use measuring tape for marking at the right position. The one side of the door sill with a gentler radius towards the outside edge is the rear end. After correctly positioning the sills, peel off the protective film and with slight hand pressure bond the tape on the door step.

It would be a great idea to pimp out your car with the door sills. The stainless steel door sills glistens like a mirror and never gets spoilt even in the worst conditions. And finally, always ensure to purchase the door sills according to the specification of your vehicle. Remember all sills are specific to the vehicles!