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Choice in car accessories is available because there are different car accessories manufacturers. These manufacturers design such products keeping in mind the feedbacks that they receive on different types of vehicles and models. They are also able to offer such products at more competitive rates because they may be able to offer the same product for vehicles manufactured by other car manufacturers. Effectively, they have the advantage of manufacturing the product in bulk quantities. There are distributors as well as retailers of such accessories. The car buyer is at liberty to choose products from different car accessories makers, as long as they do not affect the efficiency of the vehicle.

Accessories are often tailor made for each car model. Therefore, accessories for Daewoo Leganza car may or may not be perfectly suitable for other Daewoo. Some of the accessories may even be different for the same model with very slight variations. This becomes essential because of variation in internal and external design of the car models. Older models of Daewoo Leganza cars have been retired periodically. Likewise, new range and models of Daewoo Leganza cars are announced almost each year. Since accessories are essentially associated with the car' body, specific set of car accessories may have to be bought for the car.

Daewoo Leganza accessories are broadly divided into interior and exterior accessories. Interior accessories include leather steering wheel covers, first aid kits, cargo nets, engine block heaters, trunk trays, cigarette lighters, floor mats useful for different seasons, and interior illumination device, which has to be fixed near the central console. In addition to these, there are metal trims with carbon look for giving the car' interiors an elegant look. Other interior products include audio equipments, remote control systems for opening or locking the cars, rear cameras, etc. Externally, there are wheels, which offer the car buyer a chance to give the car a distinctive appearance. These wheels are options and are made of alloys. There are Daewoo Leganza wheels of varying diameters and spokes. Wheel locking systems and splashguards for Daewoo Leganza car' wheels, and doors are some of the other external accessories available in the market. Car wipers, brake pads, exhaust mufflers, etc., are some of the other accessories that are useful.

Leading Daewoo Leganza accessories manufacturers include Guangzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai Tuhuan, Five Star International electronics, etc. It is not essential that the car owner should purchase all accessories from one auto parts manufacturer. In fact, many of these auto parts manufacturers again specialize in specific products. For example, Guangzhou Chellishi auto exhaust mufflers for Daewoo Leganza cars are manufactured by Guangzhou Chellishi firm, while Five Star Daewoo Leganza car speakers are manufactured by Five Star International.