Exterior Accessories

Exterior Accessories

Nothing can beat aftermarket when it comes to providing great auto accessories and wonderful enhancements for your vehicles. Whether it's for your car's exterior or something to be put inside your vehicle the company continues to strive in bringing you the top of the line products that are both ergonomic and useful making your car look sleeker and more beautiful.

Car exterior accessories are practical and dependable, especially for contemporary cars. Perhaps the most important exterior accessories that car owners can hope for is the car bra that acts as a deflector to keep pebbles, rocks, bugs and other small road debris from scratching your paint and marring your car's finish. The accessory is made of vinyl for heavy duty and long life, it is custom-built for smooth and wrinkle free fit. It comes with a fastener for easy no-drill installation so you don't have to worry about holes that could mar your car's beauty.

If you fancy the cool breeze from your sun or Moonroof but hate the annoying noise and wind turbulence you'll definitely love the Moonroof Visor, this sleek dark-tinted acrylic is ultra durable and crack resistant making it perfect for sun or Moonroof lovers. The visor reduces the in-cabin noise while allowing air to go inside and circulate in the cabin; it also deflects dust and wind debris from going inside your car. Many cars are also equipped with a Door Visor that's made of durable material in polycarbonate for superior fade and rust resistance. Like the Moonroof, the door visor also comes with a heavy duty fastener to easy installation without the need to drill holes.

Contemporary market also has a Body Side Molding and Door Edge Guards to guard your vehicle's finish against nicks, dings, and scrapes. For precise driving and enhanced visibility during harsh weather conditions the car was also equipped with Fog Lights to aid you in seeing through snow, fog or heavy rain.

You can also opt to have you car be custom-built with a Deck Lip Spoiler or Wing Spoiler from CARiD.com, its color-matched design is aerodynamic and will look good on your car. The Splash Guards attached below your car also adds beauty to your car. This custom-fit thermoplastic can be attached to the car easily without the need to drill holes for a cleaner and sleeker finish. The 16" or 17" Alloy Wheel comes in a clear coat finish for easy cleaning and a soft car cover helps protect your car's finish against the harsh environmental elements.