Car Floor Mats – Tips For Cleaning

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Car Floor Mats – Tips For Cleaning

Car floor mats are intended to protect your vehicle’s interior and flooring against stains, spills, or other causes of damage. Hence, it is also as important to properly clean and care for your car mats to ensure that it can provide the kind of protection your car needs. If you neglect caring for your floor mats, then it cannot do its job and you risk your car flooring from getting damaged easily.

Here are some practical tips for cleaning your car floor mats without hiring professional help:

- If you have stained your car mats from spilling any drinks on them or dropping food items, you must remove it from your vehicle. This will be easier to clean your mat thoroughly.

- For simple residues such as food droppings or dust, you can use a portable vacuum cleaner to remove aggressively remove any of these particles from your mat.
For the more stubborn dirt or residues, you can use a plastic spatula to manually remove them from the mat.

- If you are dealing with stains or spills that have left untidy marks on your car floor mat, then make sure you use a sponge (or scrubber) and a liquid cleaner. Prepare a liquid cleaning solution and use it to wash your car mat. Make sure to scrub thoroughly to ensure that all dirt or stain is removed. However, use only gentle solution to avoid causing damage to your car floor mats.

- Use a hand dryer or fan to keep your mats dry before placing them back into your vehicle. Or else, the moisture will cause it to absorb mold or mildew that will result in an unpleasant odor inside your vehicle.