Car Air Filter Like Lungs For Your Vehicle

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Car Air Filter Like Lungs For Your Vehicle

One of the most important parts of your car’s engine is an air filter as it filters out dust, soil and other debris before they can get inside your engine. And due to elimination of harmful particles, air filters from prolong the life of your car’s engine.

There are three main types of the car air filters, namely pleaded paper filters, cleanable filters, and oil bath filters. Paper filters are the most used because they are the most affordable ones. They are suitable for the smaller cars and in areas where dust and pollution is at minimum. Small dust particles present in the air get stuck in them and clean air is passed through to the engine. They are not reusable and have to be replaced after certain mileage. Paper air filters usually have their mileage marked on them, and you should replace them prior to the expiration of that time. Cleanable filters are a bit more expensive compared to the paper ones but their efficiency justifies their cost. These are cleanable and will greatly reduce the replacement costs. The big particles that get under the hood of the car are seized while the oil drenched filter catches the smaller particles. If you use this type in your car, make sure you clean it frequently and keep it oiled. As for the oil bath filters, they are the least efficient among all the types of air filters. Oil bath is used to capture and seize big particles that can cause damage to the engine if they reach it. If you install air intake in your car, the dust particles that get through the air intake filter will be eliminated by this oil filter. Today though a modern space age air filter material has superseded even the best of the air filters. The introduced synthetic Nano Fiber solves all the issues of pleated paper and cleanable filters. Nano Fiber air filters are 3 to 5 times more efficient than the best paper filters and about 50 times more efficient than cleanable ones. Air filter of this type require no special cleaning and no re-oiling kit. Today, you have real choices when it comes to selecting an air filter for your car. There are many options available and you can choose whichever filter you think is the most suitable for your needs.

When this filter gets clogged, however, it begins to seriously effect your car’s performance. A blocked filter will result in poor engine performance, terrible fuel mileage, reduced engine durability or life. Thus you should change air filters regularly. When changing air filter, first you need to locate your air filter box and remove your air filter. On older carbureted cars it will be a circular container in the center of the engine. To open it you should remove one wing nut in the center of the container. If you have a newer car your filter box will be rectangular or square and will be located on one side of your engine compartment. Find the box and then remove the lid by unclipping the quick release clips on the side of the box. If you cannot find your air filter box, consult your manual. After you have removed the lid, pull the air filter out. Now hold the filter up to a light source and try to look through it. If you can easily see through it, the filter is still good and you can place it back into the box. If you cannot see through it, you should either put a new one in, or clean it, or put the old one back in until you can buy a replacement. Never run your engine without a filter as you can do quite a bit of permanent damage if you run it without the filter. Always remember, prevention is better than cure, and this is also applicable to your car’s engine, so don’t forget to replace or clean air filter in due time.