Nudge Bars Or Grille Guards For Trucks

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Nudge Bars Or Grille Guards For Trucks

Installing a brush guard is an effective way of protecting the front of your vehicle – in addition, doing so will add a custom look to your car or truck. A guard on the front of your truck will add a tough aesthetic to your vehicle, and this look will set your truck apart from other trucks on the road. Brush guards are called different names: grill guards, push bars, nudge bars, bull bars, A-bars etc. Depending upon its name the accessory has some specific features. The brush guard is a bar which can be installed across the front of your vehicle to protect it from debris, particularly brush it. The brush guard’s functionality is important if you are using your truck or SUV on the off-road. The large bars protect the front end the same as your bumper does but still the construction of the bar is way more solid that the bumper’s construction. Brush guards also include smaller bars which cover your vehicles headlights from. Most brush guards are also equipped with extra fastening elements to mount fog lights or other optics. The solid construction of the front grill guard can even save your bumper from being smashed on low speed collisions this is very helpful because most factory or custom bumpers for your vehicle may cost more that the grill guard. If you ever watched police cars, you’ve probably seen grill guard in action.

The bars attached to the front of the police sedans usually protect them during the impacts even with an SUV. Many car enthusiasts install grill guards to their vehicles in order to add a customized look to their vehicles. The installation of this accessory is a matter of 15 minutes, the type of installation is bolt-on so there is no need to drill holes to mount the bar. Brush guards usually come in several types of finish: polished, chromed or powdercoated, choosing from these finishes you can pick the best suiting bar for your vehicle. If you have a black SUV or truck so the grill guard with any type of finish will fit it, but still, chromed grill guard will be a great stylish addition which will complement other chrome accents on your work horse. By the way there are good, bad and ugly grill guards. Good grill guard is the one which suites your vehicle perfectly, that’s why when you are going to pick this accessory for your vehicle you need to check whether or not it was designed for YOUR make model. Good guards match seamlessly with the car or truck’s aesthetic and do not give the car or truck a less favorable appearance. Simply put, good grill guards for trucks do what they are advertised to do. Bad bars do not fit your vehicle. They are either too large or too small. The guards that are too large add unneeded weight to your vehicle, which adds wind resistance and increases fuel needs as a result. Ugly truck grill guards are not only the wrong size for your vehicle, but they are also installed incorrectly. They pose a safety threat for you, during a long highway trip you may discover that your guard is flapping in the breeze.

he worst grill guards disintegrate upon impact and are downright ugly. Non-fit grille guards may adversely affect deployment of the airbags, during a serious impact they may fail to work. Ugly guards add nothing to the driver’s experience except negative connotations. Grille guards further referred to as nudge bars are designed in several sizes, that’s why you can choose the nudge bar which will fit your vehicle the most. A steel nudge bar serves as an ideal platform for mounting accessories such as IPF driving lights and CB antennas. The bars are also produced from various types of materials including steel, aluminum or alloy. If you have never bought a nudge bar before and want some help and advice in finding the right piece of kit to suit your vehicle, then simply make sure that you go through a professional assistance. The leading companies are staffed by people who are passionate about pick up accessories and they will be able to offer you sound advice about what products will suit your needs best.